14 March 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Tunnel exhibition at Docklands Museum

A couple of rooms showing the archaeological discoveries made because of Crossrail construction. Artefacts and videos. Quite a few visitors! 
Tunnelled out soil is being removed to the coast of Essex to shape Wallasea nature reserve

Plenty of Victorian crocks

Leather shoes from way back - and medieval bone skates

Found in coffins, a treasured plate and baby's beads; plus a nailed coffin lid

The Walbrook skulls - a mystery solved

Flooring - walk all over South London!
 Our drawings -
Carol's Customs and Excise shed

Janet K's Roman horseshoes and lineup of glasses

Sue's rusty chain and collection of pots

Janet B's broken pots

My nailed sole and broken headstone (of a plague victim)

Najlaa#s colourful shards

Judith's collection of hooks
 Extracurricular activities -
Najlaa's textile explorations

Judith's wire knitting (the body is elsewhere)

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