10 March 2017

While I was out...

... some minor rearrangements happened -
Shelves up, light moved
... £270 of wood was delivered ...

... and work started on the bookshelves -
Taking up the only available floor space
I was gallivanting at the war museum, discovering that the cushions in the coffee shop were made of those ribbons they hang medals from, sewn on to a backing -
and seeing the current exhibitions, especially Visions of War Above and Below (till 12 March), in which these were two of my favourites -
The stealth bomber absorbs radar and "creates a grid of control in its wake"

Reflections on war by an exile
Also closing soon (19 March) is Mahwish Chisty's work  -
Drone warfare

Inspired by traditional folk art
It's the first UK exhibition by this Pakistan-born, US-based artist. Her work combines silhouettes of military drones with decorative Pakistani folk art patterns to highlight the way in which the presence of foreign drones over Pakistan has become a feature of the physical, psychological and cultural environment of the country.

On the way home, art-grafitti on Stroud Green Road -
(What do Klee, Richter, Morris, Eames, Manzoni, and Thek have in common, then?)

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Liesbeth Williams said...

Just one woman, Ray Eames, amongst all the men. Maybe somebody's favourite artists?