26 March 2017

The coincidence of proximity

Going through some of my old photo files lately (the pix are filed by month) I noticed that the screen sometimes showed nice groupings. Here are a few of the "quartets".

March 2014 -
French knots, front and back, on the convenient grid of a printed linen napkin.
I just had the urge to make lots and lots of french knots...

Erased diaries (ink, sprayed with water, left to dry) and some sad objects
encountered somewhere ... a coincidence, but something seems to connect them ...

"What the camera sees" on a walk near Queens Park

The yellow train ("Stand behind the yellow line")
 July 2014 -
Daily painting - photographing the changes - it was such fun
September 2013 -
Train windows, with reflected sunset
 November 2013 -
Percival David collection of Chinese ceramics, British Museum
Choosing materials for "Binders Keepers" - and wrapped railings.
There's not really any "subconscious" connection, just a visual harmony
Structures, found in magazines. Imagine building these!
 And when were these taken? Doesn't matter ...
Pottery patterns, pretty...
January 2016 - road works along Chamberlayne Road - an eternity of traffic buildups, slow bus journeys, closed bus stops....

 February 2014 -
Street action, Stroud Green Road (from my window ... looking for good compositions)

 March 2017 -

Part of the Tate Britain experience ... Friends' Room, and bookshop

Outside Tate Modern - those sinister umbrellas...
What pleasure these recent primulas have given me!

In addition to the quartets, with a change of screen size some sextets emerged -
Fred Williams' Pilbarra series of paintings

Crowd flow, Liverpool Street Station
There are duets, too many to capture and post.

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irene macwilliam said...

I love the crowd flow set. It makes me think of the difficulty of making randomness in a piece of work.