08 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday (not)

Calgary, 1979. The child is three years old; we have lived in a basement apartment in a 1950s house in Calgary for a year, and his father has another postdoc, in Halifax, so we'll be driving to Nova Scotia, which will take at least four days. The child will be as good as gold in the car, and will grow up to have a physique and beard just like his dad - who has luxuriant hair under the green hat that he's been wearing since Cambridge days. The child, it turns out, has hair genes from the other side of the family, but his hat phase is mercifully short.

The man will surprise everyone by getting a perm (it's the 70s!) and give up wearing the hat. His next postdoc will be in Oxford, but his wife and child will stay in Halifax while she studies to become a librarian. And that will change everything ... or had something changed already?

Thanks to Shauna, neighbour and friend in those Cambridge days, for sending the photos. She too was in Alberta at that time, living in Lethbridge - here we are together in that garden -

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beatrice De said...

Hello Margaret.
As you, I have renew my flat. Everything new. Have even put a new floor. This thing, beautiful and handy. Clap together.

I have no more studio. You can see the sage on my blog. Later on, will post the saga of the flat ! Everything happend on same time. Lucky to have still some energy.
In April go to Buenos Aires for tango stages et visiting Machu Pichu. One more dream realized.

Andrée, from Switzerland is dy in London, just before Christmas. So is das leben.