23 June 2017

Art along the way

With time to squander yesterday (escaping the ever-ongoing renovations!) I took myself into town and sat in the park and stitched. Very pleasant in the intermittent sunshine, with the distant view of deckchairs, but after a while my long list of exhibitions to see started nagging at me - as did the daily 10,000 steps target - so the bag was repacked and the Art Stroll began.
Robert Perkins - Basil Bunting, Fragment, 1980(via)
In Mason's Yard, the target was an exhibition of poems-into-pictures - sometimes you get pictures in printed books of poems, but these prints were based on handwritten poems (many by Seamus Heaney). "Handwritten and handmade." Part 2 of this show is scheduled for the autumn; the printmaker is Robert Perkins.

Thiebaud painted people to0
Nearby, Wayne Thiebaud at White Cube. Upbeat paintings of ordinary objects, sometimes in pairs, and of scenes resembling aerial landscapes. What's striking is the lines of colour throughout - seems like every painting uses every colour of the rainbow. Makes for interesting looking - and it works because of the blank spaces that give the colours room. A glance at the website finds that the work spans 1962-2017. He started painting cakes, pastries, and pies in 1953.

Shadows in gallery windows along the way towards the National Gallery -

I meant to write about Chris Ofili's tapestry! Later...

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