14 June 2017

Walking the Capital Ring - section 1

We started at Woolwich Foot Tunnel and made our way to Falconwood to get the train back home. (This is South London ... whereas North London is "home".) The 78-mile route has been divided into 15 section. This one has some uphill bits, and some panoramic views. And lots of lovely woods. And a castle. But it's short on the lunch and coffee stops - and crossing the main roads is - even with traffic lights, but without pedestrian indicators - not for the faint of heart or slow of foot!

Woolwich is downriver, and there's a little ferry 

Old signs

Into the parks - to find meadow flowers

And a red-bodied dragonfly
 Lots of information boards, in all the parks -

 Lunch on a bench in the shade ... so good to sit down! -
Finally we come to Severndroog Castle, one of London's hidden treasures -

At last, coffee and cake!!

 Built in 1748, it's a monument by a loyal wife to her husband, who fought and/or quelled piracy on the Malabar Coast. Apparently the view from the roof is great, but it was closed today.

From the path you got some idea of the vista -
 And in the woods you might find ... what ... art? mementos? wierdnesses? ... on the trees -
 and trees with interesting growth habits -
 "It never rains but it pours" - a short walk to another cafe ...
After which, through yet more lovely woods to the station and the end of Section 1.

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