09 June 2017

Ongoing renovation

Three weeks ago it looked like this -
 and after a little furniture moving it looked like this -
At the start of this week, all the books had been moved, and one box for the bookcse was ready
Intermittently, collections and patternings appeared -
 and sometimes the room looked like this, as work went on -
But it didn't take long to get back to some semblance of serenity -
As I type, the boxes are getting their edgings fitted -
Those books? They're part of my Cunning Plan for stowing away lots of the less-used volumes -
In the Carpentry Studio, my sewing machine is almost visible behind the plastic inner dust-walls -
 It doesn't look like a lot of books for filling those shelves, but out of shot are at least as many more -
 Elsewhere in the room, this week saw the addition of proper handles to the new drawers -
The spray-painting is to happen when I'm away at CQ Summer School next weekend, after which comes the joyful task of putting books on shelves (once a librarian, always a librarian!) and then, of jiggling them around into some sort of useful arrangement.

Meanwhile the pocket-handkerchief garden has been growing and blooming, and yielded most of these -

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