12 June 2017

My first quilt

It's had another wash, that first quilt, and is hanging up in the bathroom to dry -
It's quite a thin quilt, made with polyester wadding and calico backing in 1973 or perhaps it was finished in 1974. The quilting is "in the ditch". It's all it needs.

The pattern, if there can be said to be a quilt pattern, is  just squares, 6" squares I think, laid out so that the greenish bits were in the middle and the navy-ish bits round the edge.
Most of the fabric came from garments acquired for mere pence at jumble sales (ah the days of jumble sales!). The geometric fabric was "a gift from the gods of garbage" - I found it on the street in a "nice" part of Cambridge, and to the horror of my friend, picked it up and took it home. Washed it of course, and here it still is.

On consideration, the bright blue patches in the edge section are a little bit wrong, in terms of the other colours. Or maybe they're the subtle spark that brings the rest to life?
My son takes the quilt to the park when he meets up with friends. "Seats six," he says; "usually there isn't that much room on a blanket."

I'm so happy that this humble object, made with energy and passion before that child was born or even conceived, is still getting good use.

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