26 June 2017

The second bookshelf

... is ready!
Filling it took all day and involved much sorting and dusting; whereas
building it took weeks and much skill and perseverance
For quite a while the room was reduced by the necessity of having a "painting section" curtained off so that spray-painting could take place, several undercoats and finally the topcoat. Only the sprayer suddenly stopped working and had to be sent back for repair - so the top coat was done with a brush after all.
Furniture tooooo close for comfort

Work in progress

All this is going ... where?

That final coat ... perfection

Meanwhile the drawers need attention

... and tools spill into the room ...

... while other projects take over the studio space

Tools on the landings...

... and what's this?

Careful on the stairs!
Then on Sunday - yesterday - I came home to this: the shelves have all been painted and just need to cure overnight. Oh, the anticipation! -
Ready for action
These are deep shelves and the smaller volumes can be double-booked. Lest they get forgotten, I've photographed the hidden layer and will print out those pix and put the photos in a "library book" for reference, as a reminder of what's there -
Some little-used cookbooks...

... are now being kept in the dark on the third cookbook shelf
(in the first bookcase).
It's great to have the cookbooks all together again.
 After three hours (and three cups of coffee, and no computer time) -
(The plants are back on the window sill)

Tom's childhood books, which sat in a corner of the landing for months, have been stashed behind the top rows of the new shelves -
 ... and some of the less-used poetry books have been put behind a solid wall of Persephones, above the poetry shelf, which already has its extra layer in place. And wouldn't you know, I've already forgotten what's behind there -
The small shelf is handy for the desk and is useful for library books
 or paperwork that needs dealing with

I look at it and smile

And in the lowest corner, spilling out of the shelf, a temporary
sewing-supplies storage area.
(Note the change in colour of the drawers on the right; others need doing immediately)


patty a. said...

The book shelves are fantastic! I am so jealous! You have to be feeling great with all those boxes and piles of books now organized and tucked into their new space. That is a big accomplishment! Good job!

Unknown said...

Looking good! And hopefully worth all the stress, time and chaos.

Sue Sharples said...

Hurrah - civilised space returns! All in its place at last.

Sandy said...

Looking very good!