14 November 2017

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

We were in the Ancient Cyprus gallery and had enough "Friends of the BM" cards among us to go to the Members' Room for lunch. When we settled round the table to share what we'd done, I tried to take a photo of the group, with the camera held high. The result is plainly ludicrous -
 My morning's efforts started with using a magazine as the source for collage - cutting out shapes through many layers -
 Horrendous arrangements! -
 Fun and games -
 All this "drawing with a scalpel" was based on the weathered head of Dionysius -
 And this is what happened when the pen got involved -
... which led to a discussion of collage and some suggested homework, based on Michelle's example -
... take a painting (eg in the National Gallery, or from a book) and analyse its colours - find them in magazines and make a collage of the colours in the proportions that appear in the painting.

But first, "round the table" -
Sue's Cypriot kind, c.425BC

Janet B's horse and rider

Jo's boats

Janet K gives the details on just half the head - if it's symmetrical, that's all you need

Mags' statuary group - from the back

Judith used two shades of grey markers

Michelle's small statues, made large on the page
 Snap! two versions of a fertility goddess -

 Extracurricular activities
Autumnal glories, by Sue

Hippo at the Royal Veterinary College, by Janet B

Jo's discovery in a charity  shop - is it meant to be a pencil case?

Collages by Mags ...

... leading to printmaking on fabric

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Anonymous said...

The discovery might be a cigar case. If it was used, it will smell inside of tobacco.