07 November 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Camden Arts Centre

On arrival I saw Janet B heading into the cafe - she was looking for someone to tell that she needed to go swimming, not drawing ... but there was time for a coffee (and chat about Art etc) first. This is not a rigid group, by any means!

I hadn't seen what was on show and just in case it overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) me, I took a photo of our cups as a possible starting point for "independent work" -
 and then spent a few minutes waiting to get a person-free shot of the lovely old doors ... double doors ... a double set of double doors ... which might be another possibility for a starting point. Or maybe it was all just procrastination - er, let me reword that: it might have been subconscious preparation for a very focussed drawing!
Not to worry, though - to me the objects in the rooms were very draw-able ... first a film-within-an-installation by Rwandan artist Christian Nyampeta -
 and also two rooms (and rooms within rooms) by Milan-based Nathalie Du Pasquier, a founding member of the Italian design collective Memphis -

With less than an hour on hand, I spent an intense time filling a page spread with motifs collected in Nyampeta's room, which contained furniture, wall painting and cut-out wall plaques of great appeal; their interest developed as I looked closely with pencil in hand.
 The pencil pulled at random from my selection (usually it's better to think before choosing) was the indigo inktense, and back in the cafe I added some water here and there to enliven the objects as they floated across the page.

That the plaques are wood and the lines were cut into it influences the interrelation of the shapes, as Janet K found -
She also enjoyed the graphics and colours in the other rooms -
 Carol found a seat with a view in the cafe and suddenly noticed the marks on the glass around the room-
 Drawn onto transparent film, they can be moved into place over the background foliage -

 Extracurricular activities - 
Janet K had been to the Rachel Whiteread exhibition -
her sketch there (left) got reworked at home, with colour

Some shapely-tree-noticing on the walk towards Hampstead afterwards

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