04 November 2017

Windows, views, and fireworks

Much anticipation attended the installation of the new windows at Rathcoole Gardens, and the job is now half done: six windows are in. These are the old ones, in much better condition than those already replaced; but double glazing is needed, so they too are for the skip -
 and these are the new ones, same sort of style but without the fussy glass in the small panes -
The rest of the room is still in rough shape - it's scheduled for replastering - but the windows (wood, double glazed, with brass fittings) are a delight -
My walk home in the the dusk gave a chance to try to photograph the spectacle of the city, with all its red lights, and the occasional moving dot of a plane heading for City airport, or Heathrow ... but let's face it, a phone camera is not going to be up to the task -

 The full moon was looking gorgeous -
Just before 9pm we went to to the top of the hill to watch the Alexandra Palace fireworks, a bit of a visual juggling act what with signs, trees, and the new bright LED streetlights to contend with. There was quite a crowd...
 The (orange) streetlights around Ally Pally had been turned off before the display started. That was my favourite bit, the moment when the orange glow suddenly wasn't there.
It happens again tonight - at 8pm.

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