01 November 2017

Kids' eye view

Last week I noticed that photos had appeared along the street, taken by 5-year-olds from the local school. Either I didn't look hard enough, or some new ones have appeared ....
"I thought they were bunny rabbits but they weren't"

"Green bananas"

"That was fake because it was closed"
An insight into children's minds, should the busy-busy passer-by care to notice. And coincidentally, someone on the radio who has researched the focusing vs noticing powers of 5 year olds finds they notice things outside of the task at hand more than adults do, ie they are more distractible [surprise!] -- so he suggests that classrooms shouldn't have interesting things on the walls, so that the children will be able to receive their "education" from what the teacher tells them t focus on. What joy!

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