31 October 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Prism exhibition

We visited the exhibition by textile group Prism, held at Hoxton Arches. A wonderful variety of work -

My first subject was "Architecture" by Tansy Blaik-Kelly -
Then the jolly flowers (sorry, forgot to note the artist) with silver bells up the stems and cockle shells on the "ground" -
(At home, further work enlivened the drawing, but the colours depended on the crayons in my bag on the day -)

 And finally an attempt at "Somewhen" by Consuelo Simpson, based on a land-surveying chain -

Jo's wall, outside the gallery
Joyce and Carol were both drawn to a series of machine-stitched landscape vignettes, displayed as a long scroll - or perhaps "stack" describes the format better -
Inspiration from the machine stitched landscapes by Amanda Hislop

Another interpretation of the landscape scroll
Judith generally carries black paper and white crayon
Janet K enjoyed the "pots"

Meanwhile, in Paris, Janet B was fitting drawing into her touristic schedule, but I'm having problems downloading photos from emails so they'll have to wait till next time.

Extracurricular activities -
Carol's felted, stiffened vessel

Sue had been to Cafe Sketchers at St Pancras station

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