30 October 2017

What the post brought

This book was expected - indeed, eagerly awaited -
 This was a surprise -
"Prescriptions" was the artists books exhibition at Canterbury Museum (The Beaney) last year, and this is the catalogue, a splendid production. There are essays in the initial session (read them here) and then the works are shown........
Mine! - "Suturing"
 Some of the people from my MA group had work in the show -
Karen Apps

Christine Pereira Adams

George Cullen

Egidija Ciricaite

Janet Marie Bradley
Special thanks to Egidija for letting us know about this opportunity, and for all her work on the exhibition and catalogue.

Also arriving in the post, a mysterious black envelope saying "Art Happens" - that turned out to be my "reward" for contributing to the crowdfunding of the May Morris exhibition at the William Morris Museum, Walthamstow (till Jan 28) -
A lovely tote bag!
 The post also brought a card with friendly news from the Orkneys -
Such riches! "It never rains but it pours"...

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patty a. said...

That was a good day's mail! Lot's of unexpected surprises!