17 October 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Wallace Collection

On the way to the venue I resolved to look for "strong pattern". Maybe this?
But no, I started with the patterning on these bits of armour -
 The aim was to collect patterns from here&there, and to make a colourful page. I could have glued on the tissue paper thoughtfullly at home but did it hurriedly on site -
 and then spent an hour and a half adding bits of this&that, starting with the armour patterns in white on dark -
 Others had more sensible agendas ...
Janet B returned to "her" horse

Judith's dogs from paintings

Sue's horse armour (protection for eyes, ears, neck)
Janet K's dragon drawer-handle, approached in two ways
 Extracurricular activities
The Matisse in the Studio exhibition inspired Janet K ...

... and she also tried some "dendritic" monoprinting
 And finally....
How to keep your earphones from getting their knickers in a knot

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