24 October 2017

Drawing Tuesday - RAF Museum

The "quilted" look of the planes, seen close up, really appeals to me - metal fabric, and rivets as stitches - 

 Those are all part of this plane, the Lancaster bomber -
Taking a photo helps with fitting it onto the page -
Particularly at this large (and strangely lit) museum, finding a convenient seat can determine what you draw. Janet K sat in the cafe area, next to the red helicopter -
 Judith was in the WW1 area -
 Janet B filled the usual half dozen or so pages, this time including a statue commemorating Scott's polar expedition, and a car from the WW2 era -
 Sue couldn't resist the sharp teeth -
 Jo's medical vehicle -
 "Exit via the gift shop" - some of these came home with me -
 The posters invite a game of "spot the difference" but must have been useful at the time 0

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Bea said...

Years ago I (American) went to the British War Museum, We met a woman who was young Iin London during WWII, She described buzz bombs to us. WHat an experience...