10 October 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of the Order of St John

The museum is under a suitably medieval archway in Clerkenwell, and the Order dates back to the knights of Malta going on crusade - "an ancient religious military Order, from its origins caring for sick pilgrims in eleventh century Jerusalem, through to its modern-day role with St John Ambulance, the international first aid charity."

It's not large, but had many interesting objects and we could spread out.

One of "my" objects was this ornate jar in the entrance -
 Another, in the St John's Ambulance section, was "Joey", a training model for lifting, designed by John Lowe in the 1950s -

Sue was intrigued by the detail on the model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre -
 Joyce found a display of ambulance-related objects -
 Carol noticed the signs of a history of heavy use on the communion set -
 Janet K also tackled the church model (apologies for the blurry photo!) -
 Extracurricular activities

Janet's fig tree yielded some pattern-making with tracings of leaves
 Joyce brought in more examples of printing with found objects -
Near the museum is the cavern of delights known as Stevenson's art store, and it seemed necessary to wander among its temptations for a while -


patty a. said...

You are so lucky to have so many museums. Akron has one. You and your groups would draw thru it in a flash! LOL!! That art store is such eye candy. You are a strong person to get thru it without buying something!

Sandy said...

Love the reflections in the palette knives.

Sue Sharples said...

Just a note to say that you credited Joyce with my Hand Print examples! Sue