11 October 2017

Wednesday = woodblock + walk

The plan for the day

The printing set-up

But I was still cutting, and then taking a rubbing and thinking ahead...
no printing for me today

Lesson on sharpening tools

First prints by some of the others 
I love doing the cutting, much more than for linocuts, but am still pondering whether linocuts would serve my purposes as well, or be less complicated/risky/tricky....

What discombobulated me for the class this morning was leaving my Fitbit at home, charging. By the time I remembered, there wasn't time to go back for it, and oh my, what a wrench! I've worn it for upwards of three months and am a teeny bit obsessed by doing the 10K (or more) steps daily. To have the 3000 or so steps involved in getting to class and back left uncounted, what a waste - and, do I have enough energy to re-do them... After a reviving lunch, though, I bounded over the hill and did a bit of gardening - each trip to the kitchen to refill the watering can adds at least 100 steps...
Cat's eye view - the cats who come to use their "toilet" are now being watched by a sonic "thing",
but it doesn't seem to be deterring them, and why would it - after 20+ years of
using this patch, nothing has changed for them (the rotters)
 Then a long and reasonably speedy wander through the back streets of Hornsey and Crouch End, an area built up from the 1870s to the 1900s - so there's a bit of Arts and Crafts influence here and there -
Sunflowers instead of  window

Colourful stretch on Claremont Rd N6

Street tree with a cumbersome growth

Houses with their original names -
Wolsey Villa and Burnaby Villa

Seen from Parkland Walk - extensions "before and after"

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