26 October 2017

Printing "Mind Monsters 2"

Enough colours (watercolour and gouache) are on hand ... what to choose?
 The workbench has been cleared and is ready to use - first task, wet and wrap the woodblock, the cut and dampen the paper -
 That took just ages in the home environment. And what a muddle when i came to printing!
 At the end of the day, it all gets cleared away. I found that very satisfying, for some reason.

A record of results, showing that I should stick with simple things for a while! My big, bad idea is to leap into making a sort of diptych, in book form. In some artist's memorable words, "I know what it will be but I don't know what it will look like" - and this experimentation is part of getting towards that "what it will look like" component.
 On the left, a tracing of the original drawing, for reversing onto the woodblock, and below it, a rubbing of the juxtaposed blocks.

Second column, trying out colours - on paper that turns out, despite thinking and measuring, not to be the right size after all - and below that, making a balls-up of getting the other block in the right position. Duh.

Third column the other block is in the right position at last! And for the final print, I remembered that my plan was to print on one of the "pages" only. (The paper is thin and there is show-through.)

Being able to see "the diptych" gives rise to all sorts of thoughts about changes in the next version. And I'd like to get a really good, even print - that will take practice of course -
Having set up the work area and spent most of the day concentrating on the printing process, I'm ready to do it again - it will be easier next time and hopefully I can start thinking about the aesthetics rather than the process.


patty a. said...

Your printing has made me want to do some silk screening on fabric. I took a workshop several years ago and enjoyed it immensely. Getting everything ready always seems to take more time than the printing. LOL!!

Charlton Stitcher said...

It’s great to be back looking at your blog again after a long and much needed break. There’s always so much to inspire and think about!

That quote ‘I know what it will be but I don’t know what it will look like’ applies so often to my thoughts at 3am when ideas strike in vague and deliciously general form and all seems possible. Then in the morning practicality strikes and that great general idea seems only vague and indistinct. I must search out who said it.

UA quick look just now failed to find it but did yield one in a similar vein by John Lennon that tickled my fancy - ‘How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?’