29 October 2017

Away day, Birmingham

Time for a quick walk before the meeting - my last meeting on the CQ committee, as I've come to the end of the three-year term.
Facade of New Street station - very reflective

Something a bit older...

On a back street

The meeting was held in John Lewis cafe and finished earlier than expected
Time for more wandering ... the sunshine was glorious -
Shadows from windows in a church

Reflections on a building in a (de)construction zone
 I wanted to see the new library - and was delighted to see so many people using it, either sitting with computers or actual books, or wandering up the escalators and travelator in the vast central space -
 And the lighting did wonders for the "dusty tomes" -
 The glass elevator starts outside the Archives and goes ... where? -
 There's a roof terrace, midway -
I didn't look carefully in every corner The "standing stone" gives a taster of one of my favourite subjects -
 I found a book about prints, translated from Czech and published in 1970 (mellow colours on slightly greenish paper) - which mentioned some "minor" artists I'd vaguely heard of, and many I hadn't - they all seemed to have been born in the 1890s or 1900s, perhaps Robert Motherwell was the youngest. Two women were included, both wives of artists: Anna Eva Bergman was one; alas, I omitted to write down the name of the other...
New to me, and possible inspiration for a woodblock - Heinz Trokes (1913-1997)
And the name Capogrossi rang a bell - good to be reminded, again in terms of woodblock possibilities.

A crowded train, and a lovely sunset -

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patty a. said...

I love those blue plates! That library is incredible! I could just get lost in there for hours just snooping around.