03 October 2017

Drawing Tuesday - National Army Museum

We're always on the lookout for museums with accommodating cafes, and the Army Museum looks like a place we'll be returning to. During our visit there were three busloads of schoolchildren, which made things quite lively sometimes, but mostly we just got on with the drawing ...
 Carol drew the "Desert Rat" -
As did Janet K -
Cherie found the skeleton of Napoleon's horse - "it was quite small" -

Janet B continues her fascination with chairs -
Left-hand page has been photoshopped to reveal many layers of pages with more chairs!
I was in the "War Paint" exhibition (till 18 November), copying a print by Muirhead Bone of the first tanks, in 1916 -

 Sue found a saddle - 
 Judith captured a soldier -
 Joyce tackled a 3D Union Jack -
Michelle used shadows to great effect -
Extracurricular activities

Joyce brought along an interesting printmaking technique, from a "taster" course at City Lit, using the foil side of tetrapacks as plates. Tearing the foil away gives the very black areas; cutting away all layers gives the white areas -
and also a quilt that used positive and negative shapes to great effect -

Carol's first foray into the wonderful world of life drawing sessions -
 Printmaking by Sue in her City Lit course - a combination of techniques, layered up -
Janet B showed a photo of her simple but effective collage/decoupage - layers cut from printed napkins, firmly glued to a painted tin -

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irene macwilliam said...

I marvel at the number of museums, presumably within a reasonable distance. Such a variety is fascinating to me.