25 June 2018

Domestic diversion

Some amazing stripey petunias - £1 for 10 plants, who could resist - came home with me yesterday, and 7am found me putting them into the window boxes while drying laundry (mainly bedding) was draped on every surface. Possibly not the best start to a Monday, or to a week. 

This bit of sprucing up beyond the windows led, now that I have a stepladder, to cleaning those windows, which is where it got complicated - the task needed the ledge clearing and furniture moving and all sorts of other distractions, such as moving some plants down to the garden (and doing a bit of maintenance there).

Can you see the difference? Left - clean; right - still to do -
It took till lunchtime to get to the point of "curating" the collection on the window ledge -
and I'd just about had it domestically by then. There are still a few things to put away, and a few plants to repot and/or reposition - but first, a bit of fresh air on this grand summer's day.

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patty a. said...

That is a amazing deal on the petunias!