26 June 2018

Drawing Tuesday - at Somerset House

The River Terrace provided tables and umbrellas, and a view across Waterloo Bridge - mostly hidden by trees  -
 I enjoyed the cranes but got fed up with all that foliage -
Then the underside of the umbrella proved fascinating both in terms of proportions and angles, and the mechanism itself -
Not quite right, but I could see where it had gone wrong. Getting those first lines in the right places is vital.

Jo drew an interior with her non-dominant hand

Michelle was in the Courtauld Gallery

Sue's view was bisected by a large pole

Janet K's furniture kept changing as people came and went

Carol caught multiple aspects in her view

The "homework" was to copy a 2D work. See if you can recognise the original -

Janet K
 and three by Jo -

Sue missed out on the homework - she'd been in Berlin, and had few chances to sit and draw...
View onto balcony

Her friend with favourite blue jug

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