05 June 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Hays Galleria

Hays Galleria is a converted warehouse complex near London Bridge. The view across the river to the City inspired both Janets -

Janet B

Janet K
 Sue settled for a view of Tower Bridge -
 Najlaa found architectural details -
 Jo did two versions of barrows with (tourstic) goods for sale -

Sat in a cafe, I looked upward at the structure that holds the roof, and the mellow brick of the original warehouse walls -
 but it was more fun to use watersoluble pencils too finish off a little drawing I'd started on the tube journey, and then revise it for a bigger version -
(the black square needs to be bigger - more on the left
 and just a tad more at the bottom)

Extracurricular activity -

Jo has been intrigued by the conjunction of animals and feral children - there are lots of representations of wolves (eg Romulus and Remus), but depictions of bears are rare -

 Sue has been making "wordless" labels for her preserves -

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