10 July 2018

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

The museum was certainly busy - so many tour groups! 

The "Lion Hunt room" was fairly quiet and out of the way. I liked the idea that this chap had brought his knitting along .... but really it was the cording for the nets -
There comes a time with every(?) drawing when you lose heart a little - in this case, time was starting to run out and there was so much still to do -
I got down to it; very focussed. Lesson: if you're right-handed, don't get detailed about the far right side before finishing with the left side! There wasn't time to redo it, the others were standing waiting to go to lunch -
 Judith, unknown to me, was in the same room and chose to draw me in concentrated mode -
She also got one of the glamorous creatures (nice watch, nice handbag) -
 Janet K was drawing a two-part lion -
Janet B was sitting near the fan in the Cyprus gallery, keeping cool (it was a hot day) -
 Sue found an animal from a Pacific island, inlaid with mother-of-pearl

My photos of the "draw a stair" homework turned out even worse than the ones above, and will have to wait till another time.

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