30 July 2018

Reuse is not abuse

A rubbing on tracing paper, from the 100 Drawings in a Day course last week

Mark making with an eraser

Rubbing away the rubbings

But some traces are left
 And now for the design work. (There was no particular reason for doing it on tracing paper, just that I knew I'd enjoy the erasure process! Trying out various types of pencils on the paper was fun too.)

I drew eight rectangles and marked five divisions on the top and down each side. The aim was to "connect the dots" ...
Much more rubbing out as better ideas emerge

Tidied up, and the best candidate moves to Round 2

Redrawn to fit the purpose - transfer to a fabric sample

Fabric pinned behind paper, then sewn along the lines, on the machine

Removing the paper is easier if the lines are perforated
with a dressmaker's tracing wheel

Et voila, it's going to be a ceramic pot! ... in the fullness of time
(yet another experiment)
The five spots on the sides match up so that the lines are continuous, and the threads at the top will be used to suspend the pot during the dipping process.

The machine stitching (large stitches) is easily threaded with the frizzy, thin metallic thread, unravelled from a very scratchy scarf. It makes an interesting line when left to its willful ways, but sometimes breaks during sewing, so threading it on the surface is worth a try.

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Love the drawing and rubbing out on tracing paper.
It’s a great material altogether. I’ve been playing with smudging and rubbing out with satisfyingly subtle effects!