25 July 2018

"Up betimes" said Pepys in his diary, and it was the brightness of the pre-sunrise sky that got me up - the orange glow out the bedroom window, promising yet another splendidly sunny day and mandating yet another garden-watering session.

The leftover papers from the 100 Drawings course, lying on the studio/storeroom floor, are crying out to be used in some way. Eraser, pencils, and a postcard showing a piece by Susan Jane Dunford were at hand -
Other visual material also happened to be nearby -
 Using a squiggly line for shading, a nice change from cross-hatching -
 The soft pencil smudged satisfyingly under the eraser -

An A2 sized sheet of pre-used cartridge paper -
While my attention was on the drawing, elsewhere in the room the sunlight was carving out another still life -

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