03 July 2018

Drawing Tuesday - St James Piccadilly

The church of St James Piccadilly offers not only the Grinling Gibbons carvings inside but a courtyard and a garden and all the bustle of a sunny, bright day downtown. I sat under a tree and waited for people wearing "good" colour combinations to walk by; sometimes one person brightly dressed, sometimes a group who happened to fit together -

Carol found the drop-in caravan, where anyone can go and be listened to -
Najlaa was in St James Gardens, nearby -
 Jo, in the garden, put the sculpted head centre stage -
 Judith found the church tower had a mind of its own when it came to perspective -
 Sue's tree gives a feeling of brightness outside and shadiness beneath -
Extracurricular activity - Judith had been drawing while out of town -

View from the porch of her B&B

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