08 July 2018

Photos of the week

Cazeil's work at Whitford Fine Art

More plants for the raised beds out back,
Rathcoole Gardens 

Popping in to the Persephone Bookshop, Lamb's Conduit Street

Brown flowers - cheeky monkeys, wot?

Love those old gates with house numbers!

Cranes at twilight, Finsbury Park

Birthday balloons are somewhat diminished by now

Walking home after a concert near Euston - the OssulstonEstate was built 1927-31

Unexpected extension to that walk, due to road closure and
bus diversion, and traffic jams. Hornsey Baths was built in 1895, closed in 1991,
but the sign remains and the building is now flats and offices

A summer evening in a (rather parched) garden
- with amplified music from the park drifting in

... and a walk round the streets nearby, with some
quirky gardens

Sheds, shutters, shops... a collection??

And the prize for oleander goes to... this house.
As the brazen summer weather continues.......
Butterfly bush and blue sky
Also there was the football, England's win over Sweden, and more locally, the Wireless festival in Finsbury Park, which is winding down as I write this, with road closures and thousands of people herded through a labyrinth between barriers at the entrance to the tube station, so as not to crowd the platforms.

Amid which I recommend this episode of the excellent BBC Radio 4 programme The Life Scientific - John Taylor, inventor.

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