10 February 2019

Melotti at the Estorick

Orfeo, c1945 - glazed polychrome ceramic

The Uneasy Conscience, 1973, brass and mirror

Harlequin's Bride, 1979, brass, plaster, fabric and painted paper

In the Swamp, 1984, brass, painted wood and painted fabric

Monument to Nothing, 1974, copper, brass and nylon on Plexiglas base

The exhibition also includes paintings and drawings, and is on show till 7 April.
Fausto Melotti (1901-1986) was a close friend of Lucio Fontana (of the slit canvases). Melotti turned to art in 1928, after a degree in electrical engineering; his first exhibition was in 1935, and throughout the rest of his life he received many awards.

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