06 February 2019

Woodblock Wednesday

The block is magnolia - I'm rather afraid to cut into it. The idea is to have two circles with lines that can be overlapped in various ways. After working on the design throughout the class, I hadn't come up with anything suitable -

 It cheered me up to see Liz's block though -
They can look so wonderful in themselves, as the inked areas accumulate and then suddenly you notice them.

Keeping my eyes open for round shapes, I encountered this 1986 image of the planet Uranus and wondered how the woodblock would accommodate or even allow those textures; something for another time -
At home, a clear space (thanks to Daily Clutter Removal) amid the chaos of the home studio -
 ... set up for cutting the circles -
 ... but the design phase continues! (nearly there??) -
Sometimes you just have to start and see what happens.


Olga Norris said...

I find your woodblock progress really interesting. It is one kind of printmaking which I think is beyond me. I am attracted to your circles, and wonder if you have encountered Dorothy Hanna's prints. http://www.dorothyhanna.co.uk/printmaking-gallery.htm

patty a. said...

Starting can be the hardest part. Many times I have had a hard time starting something because I didn't want to make a mistake. I am sure you will come up with a design! The decluttering seems to be going well for you. I am making progress with my clutter clearing too. You have been a good influence for me!

Aine Scannell said...

Hello again Margaret
I have been meaning to get back to you for ages. that's the first thing...........the other thing is that I came across this artists work sometime during the past week and thought of you

Yes I used to live on the Woodberry Down Estate, on the edge of it I think it was called Bethune Road. It was separated from the rest of the estate by a little river called "New River". I could see this out of the back window of my flat and I used to go and sit on its bank during the summer and do some drawings providing the weather was good enough. I used to go up to the top of Amhurst Road to Sainsburys to get my groceries. I used to catch the 253 bus quite a lot during the time I lived there. I admire your diligence with this moku hanga technique.