13 November 2019

An unusual "woodblock Wednesday"

Thanks to the winter-illness season, I found myself doing emergency childcare so that The Poppet wouldn't have to spend waiting time at a walk-in clinic with her parents.

We had a lovely morning but she didn't spend much time on the play mat. Though she's not crawling just yet, she can roll and roll -
The mat started life as hand quilting (on beige, what was I thinking?!) in the '80s. So it's taken about 35 years to finish! The catalyst for the final push was finding some triangles and bias strips that had been cut from old shirts for some other project. I trimmed the ragged edges of the quilt, bound it, and appliqued the pinwheels to enliven the centre.

It seems to have a lot of mouth appeal -

But the bare floor had its attractions too. How is it that babies are interested in Every Little Thing?

To end the day,  a long coffee with a friend from afar, and then a film at the Francis Crick Institute - Hidden Figures, based on the true story of three African-American "computers" working for NASA in the early days of space flight, when IBM's computers were still under development and calculations were performed by people, usually bright women with maths degrees.

The film is set in 1961 - a time of entrenched segregation as well as American achievements in the space race -  but the women's  personal achievements had occurred earlier. There are also other discrepanicies in this heart-warming crowd pleaser, but hey, it's Hollywood!

So, all in all, I did nothing relating to the watery woodblocks. Next week is the last class.

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patty a. said...

It is good you finally got that quilt done. I have one that is that old too that has been on the UFO list a long time. It is a queen sized barn raising log cabin I made in the late 70's! Yes, it is interesting how babies can focus on things like the groove in the floor. I bet she moved her finger back and forth over the groove trying to figure it out. So sweet!

That was a good movie. It did bring up feelings of frustration since women still are not treated as equals. Quite an eclectic mix of movie offerings! Love those minions!