05 November 2019

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

The art-related-to-animals exhibition at the Horniman involves taxidermy and plastic, drawing on the theme of waste and the impact of humans on their surroundings -

 It's at the entrance to the natural history gallery. I went further in, and settled down beside the scarlet ibis, brown kiwi, and sunbird. (The plumage on the Great Northern Diver was good, but no time to draw it.)

We decamped to a cafe elsewhere -
Tea strainers at "The Teapot"
and shared our work.
Trumpets by Joyce

"Beasts" by Jo

Birds by Janet B

Tigers in action, and tiger skull, by Janet K

Carol found interesting objects

Sue got close up with insects

Judith's work with pastels and with ink&wash
 Extra-curricular activities -
With Halloween on the horizon, Carol made a reversible cape for her grandson, age 4,
with a mini-version for his "pet dragon"

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