02 November 2019

Studio Saturday - Further developments in zipped pouches

The main studio activity in this week of family illness and playing nursemaid (mainly as cook and babysitter) has been a little light sewing. Back to the comfort-activity of the zipped pouches - not so comfortable though when you suddenly realise that something is back-to-front-to-inside-out and needs ripping out -
 Save that for later. The fun activity was showing a friend how to make The Pouch. She chose a bit of clamp resist (I think; it was dyed so long ago!) indigo, and I used some Travel Lines fabric for mine -
Choosing the linings and zipper tabs was great fun.
My lost zipper foot for the Janome machine hasn't turned up, so I evolved a workaround - first sew the zipper to just the lining - the stitching will be near the edge of the tape (which makes for a dash of colour) and then when you sew the outside onto "the zipper sandwich", follow that line of stitching.

Now I have a number of pouches -
The long one will carry my ruler and brushes to woodblock printing class, and the brush for applying nori can go in the "african" pouch.

A propos of nothing, here are some jolly socks - with swedish origin, and from Japan; the latter have split toes as well as the (hmm, what are they?) yellow bits above the ribbing -

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patty a. said...

I hope everyone is now well. Those pouches are so fun. They sure come in handy.