07 November 2019

Eye candy (and food for thought) from Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

The fair is on till 10 November. An illustrated list of exhibitors is at http://www.woolwichprintfair.com/exhibitors-2019

Woolwich is a bit of a trek - well that depends on where you start - but when you're there, do have a look at the old buildings of the Arsenal, which was closed as a military depot in 1994 and is now a residential area; the 18th and 19th century buildings are interspersed with early 21st centurylow-rise apartments.

Cheers to Carol Justin, with her enormous woodblock print

Collage on pattern sheets from Burda Mode magazine
Hormazd Narielwalla

Reminds me of paper dolls... very cheery!
Adam Hemuss

Interesting way to display (or store) a print
Victoria Ahrens

A bag printed onto a bag - by inking up a bag??
Aliceson Carter

Yellow and grey, a favourite colour combination
Bee-Dwo Lin

Lovely use of woodgrain
Celia Scott

Lots and lots of lines
Johan Schoonvliet

Reduction print - so many colours!

Simple and subtle
Ann Kavanagh

A unity of contrast
Altea Grau Vidal

Printed on porcelain
Caroline Whitehead

Gorgeous ... that starry sky, the calm water...
Emma Stibbon

Huge pint of a piece of burnt toast!
Janet Milner

Based on a dream (?nightmare) - I can relate to this
Vaka Valo

So interesting, the imagined personalities, the group dynamics
Liora Tchiprout

Lovely, so caring
Ana Marie Pacheco

East London Printmakers

Thanks to Gillian Harding for bring me to the preview,
and for encouraging me to complete and submit work,
and at least frame it and display it at home!
A sculptural sort of landscape

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patty a. said...

What a lovely exhibit! So many wonderful things to look at.