19 November 2019

DrawingTuesday - Museum of London

Many things caught my eye as I gathered a collection of objects on my sketchbook pages, such as these early medieval jewels -
Copper brooch with polished garnets and fine gold wirework

Finely worked ring
 The folding spectacle frame could be used to double up the lenses for use as a magnifying glass -
 And the wonderful "Dolls of the Vegetable Kingdom" display -
My drawings were a bit hasty and rough, but filled two pages. I was collecting "easily embroidered motifs" for another project -
It scrubbed up well, though -

We met in the downstairs cafe, as usual, but this time the lighting proved rather problematic. The moving, changing display is hard to keep up with! Apologies for the photographic results.

Janet K got her pots in a row

Sue works in notebooks of various sizes

Janet B's old car has undeniable personality!

Carol's close attention to detail and dimensionality

Mags revisited pots she'd drawn on a previous visit

Judith studied the metalwork on the Selfridges Lift
 Extracurricular activities

Carol encountered an interesting project, in Norwich Cathedral, based on donated scarves. The scarves, knitted by volunteers, were to be auctioned off in aid of St Martins Charity for the Homeless -
She also studied some fall foliage -
 Mag is well into the latest panel of her train stitching -
 Sue had been busy while away at the seaside -


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