30 October 2019

Woodblock Wednesday

Back to the "water" project - today's task was to cut back the second layer so that more of the first showed through. After trying to set up "a system" and refer to the prints already done, I kept it simple - pare back on two sides of each hole - and have no idea how it will turn out. 
 The block itself looks good like that (light, medium, and dark values - sparkling water!) and took almost* the entire class to get to that stage. Didn't get finished removing "the lines" from the block for the top layer -
 Others were printing -
Each version is unique
 This is a reduction print, now at the 4th layer -
Trials of different papers

*For some of the class I looked at this book, which someone had brought in, of a recent travelling exhibition put on by the Hayward Gallery, in which Yinka Shonibare curates the Arts Council collection -

Michael Kidner, 1965

Susan Derges, sand print

Anya Gallacio, micrograph of spider's leg

Tom Gallant and Mari0s Schwab, Dress 09, 2008

Bashir Makhoul, 1992

Philip Eglin, 2001

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