29 October 2019

Drawing Tuesday - National Gallery

On the way to the designated venue I popped in to the National Portrait Gallery "just for a minute" and got caught up in the Elizabeth Peyton exhibition when these opera singers/characters caught my eye -
Hmm, not quite....
Once done, I went closer to look harder and noticed these marks in the lower left corner, the colours that she had used - what, carmine? where? - very subtle
Then to the National Gallery, and this nice little panel with scenes from the life of St Benedict painted by Lorenzo Monaco in or around 1399 -
Coloured in, from memory, at home (gotta fix that green, and pay more attention to perspective) -

Sue had been in the Elizabeth Peyton exhibit too, caught by a pastel (The Kiss) that looked at first glance like a shapeless cluster of marks. She told me that a profile had revealed itself, and as we looked at it together, the penny dropped and we suddenly saw the second profile -
Again, those little marks in the corner to test the colours
Sue also found a sculptural subject in the National Gallery -

 Michelle's subject was a 16th-century Madonna -

 Janet K searched out animals -

Najlaa found a painting that Bridget Riley had done straight onto the wall, "Messengers" -

 Jo collected moments and objects while having a pre-lunch coffee -

Judith stayed outside the gallery and drew a variety of people ("they all kept moving") -

Joyce got some buskers and other people just standing about -

 The previous week Judith had been in northern Spain and busy with her pen -

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