08 October 2019

Drawing Tuesday - Natural History Museum

With a possible woodblock project in mind, I went in search of the Moon Rock. It turns out that this is the only piece of moon rock owned by the UK - these plaques containing moon rocks were presented by President Nixon after the final manned moon mission in 1972 (Apollo 17) as a gesture of goodwill to 135 countries.

 So, on to more earthly matters - crystal structures in rocks -

 After so much looking, all that went into my book was a quick drawing of a huge specimen of tourmaline -
The faceted items are totally conjectural ... sort of "imagining the moon rock"...

But the museum has more than rocks. Jo found Guy the Gorilla, who had arrived at London Zoo in 1947 and died of a heart attack in 1978 -

The second drawing is a sort of injunction to "never give up on your materials" - in this case, an intermittent felt pen.

Sue found a huge flatworm, and a West African sand dollar -
 Judith caught the spectacular view of the great hall, with the suspended whale and the shifting crowds -
 ... then went somewhere quieter and found some African animals -
Due to constraints of space, Carol's Megatherium skeleton need some lower-limb truncation - but not much! -
 Joyce got involved in the coloration of fluorite -

 Janet K risked a crick neck from looking up at the suspended dolphins -

Extracurricular activities -

An Urban Sketchers meeting at Trinitiy Buoy Wharf gave Joyce a chance to draw these -

 Tools du jour -
Judith's bendy-tip fountain pen

Joyce's soluble crayons

Jo's vivid pens, with acrylic ink
And finally ... last week Carol found herself the only one at the Wallace Collection (the others were at the Wellcome Collection, how confusing is that similarity of names!) and took the opportunity to study some footwear, and the Laughing Cavalier -

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Kathleen Loomis said...

Tell more about the bendy-tip fountain pen! what does it allow you to do that you can't do with a regular fountain pen? is this a new toy that I need?