16 October 2019

Woodblock Wednesday - printing problems continue...

Trying again, in class and with advice/guidance, to get even colour on the "water" piece. In the meantime I started a new project based on "ikat" but haven't printed yet - lots of rubbings though -
First step in figuring out what was going wrong was to get some colours that were distinguishable, so I tried out all the blues available and settled on cerulean (pale), prussian, and indigo
Again, it wasn't making an even print
The situation improved with re-inking and overprinting -
On thin paper, there was a little misalignment at one point but all colours got printed -
Thick (hosho) paper on the left, thin (chinese roll) on the right. OK it looks like water but not in the way I expected!
Next I'll try printing with very different colours (eg grey, blue, black or even a metallic gouache for the bottom layer) to be able to see where some cutting back of the middle block would help, ie show more of the first layer. Careful registration. Using a smaller baren. Washing boards and brushes between colours. The usual questions - too wet or too dry? Too much nori or not enough?

Maybe the paper is wrong. Time to buy some good stuff...

Something different - pasting the hanshita onto the block - using a print of the keyblock instead of tracing the image with carbon paper -

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