27 October 2019

Studio Saturday - sewing and printing but still no pots

The fantasy giraffes are finally finished; why did they take so long?  - 

An extra woodblock printing session on Thursday ...
 My blocks were based on the uneven edges of ikat -
and I got a few prints done, starting with one that combined two different blocks and used one dull colour -
... and moving on to multiple impressions of the same block and various nuances of colour on the same paper -

On Saturday a friend came to do some sewing, so I dug under the workbench to get out the second machine, and dusted and wiped in a corner that doesn't see the light of day too often. Usually the rolling towers of drawers live in front of the old sketchbooks and the other bits - hmm, what actually is  in there?
 The room is still set up for sewing -
but at least that serpent's nest of zippers has been sorted.

We used a very few of them in making lined zipped pouches -
... and hardly made a dent in the mound of fabric -
Now that we've done prototypes, a production line could produce a few dozen more ... or maybe just a few more. But basically the aim was to have a small project successfully done, as we are both trying to encourage ourselves (and each other) to get back to garment sewing.

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