28 October 2019

Blast from the past - sketchbooks from the mid-90s

While digging out the sewing machine from under the workbench I couldn't resist revisiting just one of my old sketchbooks. Oh how I enjoyed filling them! Each term I started a new book for the new course (Creative Embroidery with Julia Caprara) and put in it not just the class work but my researches in books and museums. Outside of my fulltime job, and being a single mother, these sketchbooks were my main occupation.

These pages are some of my favourites from one of the books....
Class visit to V&A for a drawing session

Pots from the British Museum, possibly drawn on a lunch-hour visit

My focus was on the huge pots of Knossos - I filled a folder with embroidery
and felted samples, keeping for the first time to a limited range of colour

A bit off topic, but the wineglass motif was later used
(less chaotically) in the first quilt I exhibited with the Quilters Guild
 In the furthest corner under the workbench I saw this box, nicely labelled -
and left it there "for now". Coward!

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