25 October 2019

Seen, enjoyed, photographed, noted

Display of postcards from the printmaking department's postcard exchange at Morley Collete
... including one of mine

my favourite
The kinetic work of Takis at Tate Modern - most of my pix are videos and I've never figured out how to put videos on blogger

 Also at Tate Modern, Olafur Eliasson's retrospective (till 5 January 2020) includes things, maquettes, light, liquids, fog... ideas, ideas, ideas -

Selfie in the fog - the fog was yellow, the camera lies!
 At Bankside Gallery,  wonderful watercolours in "The Art of Travel" (till 9 November) -
Gertie Young

Anne Lynch
 At Japan House, lovely exhibition of the illustrations of Anno Mitsumata, which made excellent use of scaled-up versions of his papercuts for window display (till 27 Oct) -
 At National Portrait Gallery, drawings by Elizabeth Eyton (till 5 January) -

 Society of Graphic Fine Art at Menier Gallery (till 2 November) -

 Antony Gormley at the RA - good to see his varied early work -
Land Sea and Air (lead cases for stone, water, air)
In the RA magazine he said that the work started on an excursion with his brother:

Other favourites -
Blanket Drawing - drawn with clay - handle with care

A lead bowl. A bowl full of lead. Heavy.

"Grasp" - altered stone
 Love the simplicity of the drawings -

 ... and the multiplicity of the notebooks (four vitrines) -

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