06 August 2013

Spool knitting with fishing line

Some years ago* I had a craze for making beaded tubes with fishing line, a la Knitting Nancy. The idea was to make necklaces and bracelets, but joining them up into a seamless circle proved beyond me.
The beads need to be strung on to the line before you start knitting. By stretching the mesh, you can insert bigger beads (or little pebbles, or seashells, or ...) into the tube - the fishing line obligingly springs back. The finished circles are very stretchy.

*In the days when we had a local fishing tackle shop (pre-2004)... Like so many small businesses in this age of buying online, North London Angling Centre has gone and been replaced by yet another restaurant - which is not a bad thing, as the alternative is to have the shop empty and boarded up, as is happening in many areas. And there's still a "real" fishing shop almost within walking distance, with huge spools of green or grey fishing line in various weights (useful for many things) - every gal should have a spool of fishing line around the house, along with the ubiquitous electric drill.

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