25 November 2013

Monday miscellany

Freak October Snowstorm by Judy Ross (from the SAQA e-newsletter)
showing as part of Local Colour 
"Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of global warming emissions"  - that's the headline to this story. Which might make you think that individual effort - you and me recycling and turning off the light when we're out of the room - is useless. Our time might be better spent in some sort of targeted collective action ... picketing or protest march, anyone?
Using cabbage cores for printing wrapping paper - it just needs some
snowflakes or a few stars and hey presto, seasonal forest scene
ununtrium - temporary name for element no.113, recently discovered - or rather, created - by two research teams, a Russian-American collaboration and in Japan. It doesn't exist in the wild and is extremely unstable and radioactive. (Do we really need more such elements??)
Trying to get some sourdough starter going
Should Grayson Perry be called a "national treasure"? His Reith Lectures seem to have transformed him from controversial artist to ... well, you decide what - one line of thought is here.

Take your mind off such petty problems by watching one of the top 10 animated movies, as chosen by The Guardian - a list is here (I've seen none of them, but have enjoyed many unknown short animations).

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Anonymous said...

I love the cabbage-core prints - brilliant!