03 February 2014

"Museum labyrinth" - map folding

Using 0.5cm squared paper to cut pages of various sizes, for maquettes - a 2x2 grid is rather small, giving a 1cm page; 3x3 turns out to be quite good for stitching in terms of the thickness of the thread in relation to the dimensions of the page.
Drawing the lines is quicker, for getting an idea of configurations, but the stitched lines have a quality I like.
Perhaps you can get some idea of that quality in this photo -
The thread makes the paper fold (or rather, unfold) in a different way. (But -- will it be appropriate to the concept of the piece? I'm still researching so I'm not sure yet exactly what that concept will be. Experimentation, pushing the envelope, must continue....)

Before filling in the stitching with another thread "going the opposite way" I spread the "map" out -
This is made up of 4 pages of 4x3 squares - not huge in terms of its flattened extent - but when folded up it goes quite some distance - depending, of course, on how much it's stretched out.

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