02 March 2014

Art quilts I like - Steven Driscoll Hixson

Steven Driscoll Hixson's "urban erosion" quilts are currently on show in Chicago - get a better look at the ones in the photo on the gallery website, lillstreetgallery.com.

Inspired by the challenge of walking in an urban landscape, they are very graphic (he does teach graphic design, after all), partly due to the strong colours of the design - and reach out to us not just through their visual impact but because of the familiarity of the experience, changing the hard anonymous surfaces of the city into the warm surface of individual textiles. A nice translation of materials, with a certain tension to it.
From his website: "Steven Driscoll Hixson is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Indiana University - Bloomington. He has taught at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, the Foundation for International Education - London, UK, and Purdue University.

"Design and printmaking provide a balance for Hixson in his passion to execute landscapes and narratives through integrated brand strategies, retail environments, and textile signage systems. " 

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I don't think I've heard of this guy, although I can't imagine why not. I do like his stuff - thanks for the introduction.