09 February 2015

Ceramics week 4

These came out of the kiln last week -
Of which this is the most luscious -
But it had sand on the bottom (not dry enough when it went into the tray at the end of the class) -
and when I took it home, despite careful packing, a bit broke off - so I'll try again...

The wrapped balls didn't survive very well either -
Interesting result, in one way... might try those again too ...

These include metallic organza, in hopes it will turn black under the porcelain -
 Here they are, dipped and dripping dry -
and ready to fire, hopefully without sand sticking to the bottom -
They might be very fragile... fingers crossed!

During the week I've been making other cylinders for dipping, based what came out of the kiln successfully. Several gathered, billowy things are ready for class this evening.

(This post is linked to Off the Wall Friday at ninamariesayre.blogspot; see what came out of the kiln here)


jac said...

Beautiful, delicate forms. Looking forward to seeing more

Connie Rose said...

Oh my gosh, Margaret...these are so effing far out!

Sandy said...

Oh I love the first one.
Could you build yourself a case of sorts quilted inside and out. Or padded inside with foam somehow? I looked it up, I guess they are called Foam padded flight cases. For camera lenses and the like, or you can sculpt out the foam to have an area for the work to be held in place.

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

Hi there. I love that you have linked up to an art quilt blog. Your work is beautiful. These are so delicate. I made pottery once long ago, so I can appreciate. Now spend all my time making quilts and art quilts.