20 March 2015

Solar eclipse

It's going to be 97%, they say ... and sure enough, it's gloomier, darker than usual, even on a gloomy overcast day in London.

Here's the real thing -

Remember the 1999 eclipse? I was working flextime and able to go to Hampstead Heath - watching it in a crowd definitely enhanced the experience, and the unnatural darkness was memorable.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I viewed a total solar eclipse in the seventies when the husband and I were working at a small rural school. All grades from kindergarten to 12th were paraded outside to experience it. You are right - it's one thing to have the sky go dim in the middle of the day while by yourself, quite another while with a group. Even the kids who were doing that nothing can impress me thing reacted with awe. And one could definitely understand why it scared the bejesus out of primitive man.